Bring a Team

Mission Adventures (MA) is a 10-day full service, short-term mission program. This means, you, as the group leader have to do nothing. We understand that being a youth leader, or any leader, involves a lot of administration and organization strategy that takes away time from being involved with your youth or young adults.

Once you are here you get to sit back and just be a youth pastor and be involved in the lives of the people you brought. Leave everything else to us. Although, there are a few simple steps for you to take prior to getting to this point

Pick Your Dates

We offer 4 cycles in the summer.  Dates depend on the year, but they generally work around the same week of the month each year.  Check our Mission Adventures page for current dates.  We do offer a spring Mission Adventures.  And we can work around your spring break.  The spring MA does vary differently.  It is a shorter 6-day training/outreach bootcamp.  Where our summer MA is a 10-day program.  (4 days at our Warm Lake campus and 6 days on outreach.)

Pick Your Outreach Destination

We have multiple outreach locations to choose from; ranging from Salt Lake City, Tacoma, Boise, Alaska, and ministry to the Nez Perce.  We also offer a longer, short-term program that will take you to India or Nepal.  You can contact us for information regarding each outreach.  208.382.0050

Fill Out The Application

The application is easy and self-explanatory.   You will want to have a general idea of the number of people you will have going.  You can always add or subtract people, though. 

Prepare Your Group

We do find it wise to, somewhat, get your group prepared.  You can never fully prepare for what God may have in store for you at Mission Adventures.  But, there are a few steps that can get you a little ready.  Things like, team meetings that would educate you on your outreach location.  Part of your time during Mission Adventures will be dedicated to outreach training, but it never hurts to come a little prepared.

You can do team building exercises.  These exercises will help your group to work as a team and expose the different leaders and followers in your group.  Allowing you to know how to work together and include everyone.  You can find a bunch of these examples on the internet.

And, of course, lots of prayer.  Pray as a group, pray on your own.  You can never pray to much for God to prepare your mind and heart for not only presenting the hope of Jesus to people, but also what God wants to teach you as an individual and a group!

Arrange Your Transportation

This is the last step in the process and then we take over!  Whether you fly or drive is totally up to you.  If you do plan to fly please let one of the MA staff members know your itinerary to keep in good communication.  There are vehicles to rent if you need.  If you’re driving…we’ll tell you how to get here.

If you need more information or have any questions please call the office at: 208.382.0050, or email us at:


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