Mission Adventures

 Where SuMmer Camp Meets Missions Trip

Mission Adventures is a short-term outreach ministry for youth groups and families.  Our program includes four days of training at our beautiful mountain camp near Cascade Idaho, followed by a six-day stateside outreach or a sixteen-day overseas outreach.  You choose the date and location for your group and we take care of the details: food, housing, training, ministry planning and fun!  It’s a life changing opportunity that will surely bring you closer to the Lord.

2019 Dates & Information


Cycle 1

June 17-June 26, 2019


Cycle 2

July 1-July 10, 2019


Cycle 3

July 15-July 24, 2019


Cycle 4

July 29-Aug 7, 2019


Statesite Outreach

$450/person plus travel.


International Outreach

$900/person plus travel.

Outreaches for Youth Groups, Families, & Individuals

Youth Groups

A ten to twenty day, all inclusive mission experience with training for your youth group.

We do the work so you can do the ministry!  One of our goals with Mission Adventures is to create an environment where you can bring your youth group to our camp, not just for a cool summer experience, but as a time set aside to meet with God.  We’ll have great times of worship, teaching and training together to prepare your group not just for the 6 day outreach but for a life of missions wherever they live.  Your team will also have great fellowship with our staff, other teams and individuals.  If you have specific questions about what a week at camp looks like please contact us at info@ywamidaho.org.  Please note that your youth group may be joined by other youth groups and individuals


An eight-day, all inclusive mission experience with training for the whole family!

Training: Your family will be fully equipped with training for four days at our camp facility at Warm Lake near Cascade, Idaho. It’s like a fun missionary “boot camp” designed to prepare you to to do ministry as a family, not just on outreach, but for the rest of your lives.

Outreach: Your four days of training is immediately followed by four days of outreach designed to engage your family in sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways. We provide a variety of opportunities including praying, evangelism, caring for the needs of others and work projects. Through this type of hands-on outreach, your family will grow spiritually simply by putting the Word of God into practice.


Mission Adventures is typically for youth groups but we have many individual young people that contact us about wanting to join a team. If you come on your own we work with you to fit you in to a current team that will be going to one of our stateside or overseas outreaches.

Outreach Opportunities


Tacoma, WA

We join up with Freedom River Outreach to minister to those on the streets.  From the Peanut Butter & Jelly ministry to prayer walks & street evangelism, God is working in a mighty way here in Tacoma.  More coming soon…


Native American (Kamia, ID)

Take part in sports ministry (basketball), prayer walks, story telling, children’s ministry and more to share the love of Jesus with the Nez Perce people of the NW..


Salt Lake City, ut

You will work along-side local churches and ministries with a heart to reach the Mormon Community.  Students will progress from being visitors on Temple Square to being capable of sharing their faith with Mormons.



In Nepal your team will work with local missionaries and church planters to share the Gospel in remote villages across the country.  Through dramas, prayer walks and much more you will get a first hand experience of sharing the Gospel to people who have never heard.



Visit unreached people groups, teach hygiene in villages which leads to opportunities to share the Gospel, teach English and much more.  Despite a cultural and language barrier, you will see God use you to bring truth and hope to a nation that God is passionately pursuing.


Boise, ID

The Boise outreach is an incredible opportunity to work unreached people groups right here in Idaho. In the past few years, more than 4,000 refugees have made their way to Boise.  Your group will work along side local ministries reaching out to these beautiful people.  You will also work with other organizations who reach out to those on the streets through free lunches, prayer ministry and much more!

Driving: Please plan to arrive at YWAM Idaho, Boise-Cascade between 1-3 p.m. for registration. The address at the camp is 2736 Warm Lake Road, Warm Lake, ID 83611. Driving directions, from Boise, will be in the Youth Leader’s Manual (there is no cell service near or at camp).

Flying: Flights should be booked into Boise airport as this is the closest airport to our base. We are located approximately 3 hours from the airport. Please book your flight so that your group arrives at the base between 1-3p.m. for registration.

For India and Nepal outreach groups flying in only a one-way ticket will be needed.

Driving: Please plan on leaving directly from the outreach site (i.e. Native American, Salt Lake City, etc.) on the last day of your outreach. For the India, Nepal, and Alaska outreaches, we will book tickets that will return you directly to the place your group came from.

Flying: Please plan on booking your return flight out of Boise airport. Due to the travel time from the various stateside outreach locations to Boise, please call our office before booking your return flight. We want to ensure that your group books a flight at the correct time and does not miss their plane. For the India outreach, we will book the flight right back to you home state.

** Please do not book flights for your outreach without confirming arrival and departure times and cities with us. Thank you!**


Our 10-day and 20-day summer trips begin with four days of training at our base camp facility by Warm Lake near Cascade, Idaho. This time will be an amazing summer camp adventure. Team building, outreach training, deepening your relationship with God and world missions will be the focus of these days. We will also equip you and your team by providing cultural orientation and evangelistic tools to effectively minister on your outreach.

Stateside Outreach (10-day program)

Teams will partner with a wide variety of ministries and organizations in various cities by participating in prayer walks, service projects, working at refugee gardens, playing with refugee children, helping in soup kitchens, working with inner-city children and teens. They will be ministering in different ethnic and religious areas, bringing the Gospel to people who are hungry for hope.

Overseas (20-day program)

Teams will be serving along side of missionaries, the local church and different organizations that are already proclaiming Christ through mercy ministries & evangelism. Service projects, Music, testimonies, Biblical messages, and other evangelistic tools will be used to present the Gospel in various settings. Be prepared to learn about the different styles of ministry and how to get involved and help practically in justice issues.


Stateside Outreach: $450 per person plus travel.

International Outreach:  $900 per person plus airfare.

For your group to reserve your preferred dates and outreach location, send in the Application Form (form 1) with the $50/person application fee. Your spot will not be reserved until the application fee has been received. The $50/person application fee is non-refundable.

Second Deposit

The second deposit is completely refundable up until the due date.  Please also fill out form 2 and send that in with your second deposit:

$100/person due by February 15 for India/Nepal outreach $100/person due by April 1 for all other outreaches

Third Deposit

(trips requiring airfare): Send in a third deposit of the airfare (TBA) by April 1

Send in this third deposit along with form 3. This is fully refundable unless tickets have been purchased. If they have, we will deduct the required airline cancellation fee.

Balance Due

The balance of your fees is due upon arrival.

Adding or Subtracting People From Your Group

If your group changes in size, please notify us immediately. All additions must be approved through us to guarantee accommodations during both the training and outreach phases.

What Your Fees Cover

Training, food, housing, YWAM host staff, most outreach supplies, sound systems, and outreach administration.

What Your Fees Do Not Include

Airfare or transportation to our base in Idaho; transportation to all stateside outreach locations and India/Nepal visas.

Minimum Group Size

Groups should be at least 8 people ages 12 and up.  We often have individuals that don’t have youth groups to come with that will join current teams (this doesn’t add responsibility to your group as our staff will work with those individuals).


YWAM Idaho Office
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Mailing Address
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Phone: +1 208.382.0050
Email: info@ywamidaho.org