Frontier DTS

September 10th 2018 to February 15th 2019
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The Frontier DTS begins September 2018.  The DTS is 5-6 months long and enrollment is open!



The first 3 months you will be in Boise, Idaho followed by a 2-3 month outreach to an unreached people group.



$6,200 total for training and outreach (includes airfare for overseas outreach).

What To Expect


Foundational Discipleship

Live and learn in a diverse community of people gathered to seek God together. Discover what radical discipleship looks like in the Body of Christ.


Character Transformation

Watch God take you from where you are now and grow you into more of who you are meant to be. Learn of His original design for your life.


Missions Exposure

Explore God’s heart for the world, and for His desire that every nation, tribe, people and language come to know Him.

Why Frontier?

The Joshua Project says, “Frontier Peoples are groups most needing pioneer church planting. Frontier Peoples are less than or equal to 0.1% Christian and are an approximation of groups without a known Church Planting Movement.”

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This course is aimed at anyone interested in missions whether short or long term. We provide extensive training during the first three months (lecture phase) preparing you to work alongside local long-term workers in cross-cultural contexts during the second half (outreach phase) of the school.

Frontier DTS Directors Sam & Beth with their kids

How Will You Be Evaluated?

Lecture Phase


Reading & Assignments


Lecture Attendance & Participation


Personal Growth


Work Duties


Outreach Prep Participation

Outreach Phase


Personal Growth


Student Ministry Evaluation


Worship & Intercession Participation


Staff Interviews

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What People Said

The Discipleship Training School at YWAM Idaho was a great time where I got to strengthen my relationship with God, travel, and get to meet and work alongside of some amazing people! I really appreciated the India focus, as learning a bit about the language and culture ahead of time really helped for the transition to the Outreach Phase. I had an amazing time, and would definitely recommend YWAM Idaho to anyone who is interested in learning more about God’s plan for them, the world, and their role in the world!


2014 Student

When I left for my DTS, I didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away by what I experienced. I have a closer walk with God and see everything in a whole new light. God unveiled himself in the relationship we built on outreach. We taught English to to people who have never heard of the name of Jesus. The impact to learn their language while teaching our own opened so many doors to talk about Jesus.


My DTS experience was truly life changing. I learned so much about myself and my relationship to God. I am so thankful that I went with YWAM Idaho, a smaller school, where I was both loved and nurtured. Completing a DTS equipped me to return to my community in Oregon and love people in a day-to-day way.


2010 Student

On my DTS we had the privilege of working with street kids in a building where they are able to get a warm meal, a bath, and some education. Teaching them about basic hygiene skills and introducing them to Jesus was a life changing experience for them and me!


On my DTS outreach we went to a village where we were the first “white” people they had ever seen. They did not speak any english and had never before heard the name of Jesus. What an incredible privilege it was to be able to share with them!



How much will the school cost?

The school cost is $6200. This is broken down into lecture, $3200 and outreach, $3000. The cost includes airfare and visa for outreach, tuition, room and board.

What will my week look like?

During the first three months called the “Lecture Phase”, you will be discipled with other students who are also passionately seeking God’s heart. Weekly you will experience time alone with God, powerful intercession and worship times, classroom instruction, small group interaction, one-on-one discipleship, cultural training, outreach to nearby communities, fellowship with speakers, staff and other students, and free time to rest, play, and process all that God is doing in your life! After the lecture phase you will enter the second half of the Discipleship Training School called the “Outreach Phase”.  The Outreach Phase provides an opportunity for you to apply what you learned in the classroom through an intensive, hands-on, cross-cultural mission experience.

What will my outreach look like?

On your outreach you will be exposed to a wide variety of mission work. You will minister to orphans and widows, build friendships with university students while teaching English, teach communities about hygiene and disease prevention, disciple new believers, pray for the sick and needy, and share the Gospel in public and private settings.

What topics are covered during a DTS?

There are 12 weeks during the lecture phase and each week has a different topic. Here are a few examples: Father Heart of God, Spiritual Warfare, Identity, Worldview, Hearing God’s Voice, The Bible, Strategic Missions, Evangelism. Our teachers come from dynamic, national and international ministries to share biblical truths that will help you to know God at a deeper level.