Cascade staff

Marty & Kelly

Marty and Kelly are the founders of YWAM Idaho.  Kelly is passionate about our family and enjoys homeschooling our two teenagers.  She loves her vintage camper and all things turquoise and antique.  Marty serves as the director of YWAM Idaho. He loves outdoor adventures and is passionate about mobilizing young people to complete the great commission.

Steve & Lesley

The Herzog’s have been with YWAM Idaho since 2010.  They staff our Bible School for the Nations and enjoy hosting speakers and guests in their hospitality apartment. Lesley heads up accounting for the base and Steve helps out with facilities maintenance and construction. Lesley and Steve have a special compassion for those dealing with emotional and mental challenges. They feel called to invest time discipling high school students, the incarcerated, and their families.

Jonny & Amy

Jonny and Amy lead the Backpackers DTS, and they get excited about Jesus, discipleship, backpacking, discount gear, and board games. Their relationship first began when Jonny asked Amy out while on top of the Walls of Mordor at sunrise. They have a dream of owning a pair of pack goats named Garrison and Harrison, and they want you to come live in community with them in their big house.

Dina enjoys coffee and babies.  She also enjoys being outdoors.  Most days you can find her splitting wood and fixing her car.
Usually, in her Elmer Fudd hat.  Relaxing evenings for her consist of taking screaming babies and soothing them into a deep sleep.
While brewing coffee, cleaning up after a house full of boys, and making dinner.  All with one hand.  She is truly a ninja.
Dina can always be found with a smile on her face.  She deeply loves Jesus and loves being apart of helping people grow deeper in
their relationship with Him.
Shaun & Monica

Shaun and Monica joined YWAM Idaho in 2016.  Fresh off their DTS.  Currently, they serve as Warm Lake Campus Directors.  They have a desire to see families succeed and young people view God as their Father rather than a dictator.

Monica enjoys laughing and thinks her husband is the funniest man alive.  She also loves watching chick flicks with good friends.  Shaun loves to build and is always looking for a good excuse to hunt.  They live in Cascade with there three daughters, Audrey, Charlotte, and Evelyn.

Andy & Kathy

More info to come soon.

Arne & Angela

Arne and Angela moved to Cascade with their 3 kids in 2018 to work with YWAM Idaho and to help share the hope, healing, and love offered by our amazing savior Jesus Christ. In 2019 Arne began serving as the Director of YWAM Idaho’s Cascade Campus, and he enjoys teaching and helping YWAM Idaho grow its’ capacity to impact more people. 

Angela teaches home school and serves as the Assistant Bookkeeper where her accounting and QuickBooks skills are being put to good use. In the summer of 2019 their older kids, Grant and Megan, will begin serving on staff in the Mission Adventure program.  

Kailah hails from Ohio but she’s always been a westerner at heart. She loves exploring the great outdoors, rock climbing (and tree climbing),  riding horses, photography, singing, and playing guitar. Adventure is her passion and she not afraid to try new things. Above all else, Kailah is sold out for Jesus and desires to live for His glory.

Chloe is originally from Oklahoma, although she has been traveling and doing missions since her DTS in 2013. A few tidbits about her- she loves being outside. She is a horticulturalist and loves to be in creation. You will often see Chloe lying in the grass, or eating wild plants. One thing that really brings her heart to life is community, and hearing people’s stories. She also has a huge heart for India, and for the things that God is doing there. She loves Jesus tremendously and loves being one of His kids.


The “other” redhead on campus.  Jeremy enjoys skiing down mountains in his Marvel Comics superhero’s costumes.  His favorite being Archie Andrews.  When Jeremy is not skiing he is usually being out-fished by his older brother, Jonny.  Jeremy hates being bored and will usually help whenever you ask him to.  As long as you join him on one of his many superhero skiing trips.  Born to lead, he is excited to see what God has planned for him in the future.

Boise Staff

Sam & Beth

Sam and Beth love Jesus, the outdoors, baking, roadtrips, the discipleship process, and being a part of the YWAM Idaho family.  Sam and Beth are the YWAM Idaho Directors of Schools.

Matt & Heidi Keller

Matt & Heidi (and family) moved to Boise in 2015 to start YWAM Boise.  They are super excited to connect with the many new refugee families that call Boise home.  They love spending time with their 3 boys and opening their home to staff, students and whoever else will put up with them!s!

Kevin Wood

Kevin holds the “tallest Boise staff member” title but that’s not all he’s got.  Kevin is a big Disney movie fan and sometimes  you’ll catch him in costume as he walks the streets of Boise.  Kevin loves connecting to the many new Americans that call Boise home and would love to bring you along!.

travis & Katherine

Travis and Katherine join us from the state of Oregon which happens to be one of two states where it is illegal to pump your own gas.  Now living in Boise, they are enjoying their new-found freedom every time they fill up!  Travis likes motorcycles, board games and hiking.  Katherine enjoys quality time with friends, running and Travis!

Tim & Eliza

Tim and Eliza joined YWAM Boise this year after a whirlwind of traveling the world serving those in need.  Their beautiful daughter keeps them both in tip-top shape!  Tim loves his instrument collection, swing dancing and Willie Nelson.  Eliza grew up with a pet kangaroo named Hoppy but now finds herself filling her time trimming her husband’s beard.

Felicia (and Autumn)

Felicia and Autumn joined YWAM Boise in 2015 after their DTS.  Felicia drives a mini van and is proud of it.  She is an amazing mother and mentor to many people in our community.  Oh…and she also loves bowling


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