Refugee Ministry

refugee child

“When I coming USA, nobody can explain to me how USA is to look like, nobody can explain to me what the buildings are.  Are they a house or a business?”

-Refugee ilving in Boise from Rawanda

Roughly 1,000 refugees a year come from their war-torn, oppressive countries to Idaho.  They come from Iraq, the Congo, Bhutan, Afghanistan and more.  Their stories are often hard to hear.  But we are here to listen.

Many of the refugees come from nations that are very restrictive toward the Gospel of Jesus.  However, here in Boise we have the amazing opportunity to get know these beautiful people and share with them the greatest Truth of all.  We partner with local agencies and ministries to provide both practical  and spiritual needs.  You will often find us at different apartment complexes playing soccer, coloring and reading with children, bringing welcome gifts and simply just listening to their stories.

One story from last summer sums up why we keep going back.  After an intense game of soccer where our refugee friends basically ran circles around us, one of the Muslim girls watching the game said this to one of our staff, “Will you come back tomorrow to tell us more about Jesus?”     Our answer was and still is YES!  Will you join us?

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Join our Worship Justly DTS!  During your 3 months in Boise you will adopt a refugee family or two, taste amazing food prepared by our refugee friends, help teach families and children the basics of living in a new culture and simply be truly blessed by these wonderful people.
  • Have you done a DTS?  You can join our YWAM Boise staff with a focus on refugee ministry!
  • If you only have a short amount of time, you can still join us for an evening of soccer, an airport pick-up or give a welcome basket.
  • Join a refugee training class with our partner ministries.
  • Donate gifts, food, finances to YWAM Boise to help fund our refugee ministry.
  • Help scholarship a refugee student to do a DTS!
  • PRAY!  We greatly desire and need to be covered by the prayers of the saints!

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