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Dehydration and Diarrhea are the leading causes of childhood death in India.  These deaths can be significantly reduced simply by teaching children to wash their hands with soap!  This winter, YWAM Idaho’s DTS Outreach team will be teaching basic hygiene classes to children who live in the slums and villages of India.  To accompany these classes, we will be providing basic hygiene kits to those who attend the classes.  Kits4Kids is a way for children, churches, schools and businesses in the United States to get involved.  By donations of small change, many people can come together to make a big change in the lives of children in India.  The basic hygiene kits will include items like soap, combs, toothbrushes, and nail clippers- all items that the children will learn to use to help stop the spread of germs.

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Program Description

As we talked with full-time ministry leaders in India, we learned that the children of India were in desperate need of basic instruction on hygiene and disease prevention.  Diarrhea, which is the result of living in unsanitary conditions, is the number one cause of death for children under the age of 5 in India! If we could teach them how to prevent diarrhea, we could potentially save thousands of lives.  This is why we created Kits for Kids.

Each child that attends one of our fun and interactive hygiene seminars taught by YWAM Idaho’s outreach teams, receives a free hygiene kit consisting of soap, fingernail clippers, a tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, and a comb.

Because of this practical love expressed for the children of India, we are often invited by school and village leaders to share about our faith in Jesus Christ and to testify about His life and teachings.

Get Involved

A little spare change from a lot of people can make a BIG CHANGE in the lives of children in India.

How can you be involved?

Place a Kits for Kids donation container in your classroom, office, or church.

Donate online or mail your donation (by check or money order) to YWAM Idaho, PO Box 70, Cascade, ID 83611.

Teachers and Parents: Along with your donation, please feel free to send pictures of your kids brushing their teeth, washing their hands, or combing their hair.  Photos will be included in the kits as a way of connecting the Indian children with children from the United States!

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