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All full-time YWAM staff first take a DTS which then opens the doors for ministry in every country in the world.  At YWAM Idaho we have three different campuses with four different DTS’s to choose from.

You can also get involved locally here in Idaho at one of our three ministry locations.  If you’ve done a DTS, there are staff opportunities at our mountain campuses where you can serve at our Warm Lake camp, staff a DTS or Mission Adventures and much more.  Our Boise Campus was established to minister to the thousands of refugees in the city.  Refugees in Boise come from all over the world and often, our team are the first Christians they have ever met

Discipleship Training School

Know God and Make Hime Known

Choose from one of our four DTS’s here at YWAM Idaho

Mission Adventures

Short-term Outreach for Groups

Mission Adventures:  Where summer camp meets missions trip.  Join us for 4 days in the Rocky Mountains followed by a 6-16 day outreach. 

Join Our Staff

Pursuing God Together

Help with DTS, work with refugees, live at camp and many more options as YWAM Idaho staff.   

Secondary Schools

Continuing Eduction for YWAMers with UofN

YWAM Idaho has two secondary schools, the Bible School for the Nations and the Apostolic Catalyst Training School.  



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