Downtown Ministry

Life on the street is hard.  The struggle for a dry, safe place to sleep is always an issue.  Food is available but finding healthy food is rare.  But that’s only the beginning.  Many of those living on the streets of Boise have begun to believe the lie that they are worthless, that this is their lot in life.

We believe that ALL people are created in the image of God and it’s our mission to let those living on the streets know that.

We often address physical needs first in order to earn the trust of those who have very little reason to trust anyone.  Taking care of those needs looks different every day.  Some days it’s buying out a laundry mat so the homeless can wash their clothes for free (1st Sunday of the month), some days it’s free haircuts and some days it’s just sitting on the street with them listening to their stories.

Maybe you’d like to join us?  We would love to chat more about what that may look like!  Contact us any time!

Laundry Ministry:  1st Sunday of the month

When you’re living on the streets you can often find enough clothes to wear but how do you wash them?  How do you wash your sleeping bag that you climb in to every night in your dirty clothes…that’s been sitting out in the rain?

As often as we can, we partner with Discovery Church to “buy out” a local laundry mat.  On laundry day our friends on the street can come inside and enjoy a very special breakfast while they get to wash their clothes, their bedding, everything…and it’s on us!


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