Worship Justly Discipleship Training School

January – May 2018

Worship Emphasis

The Worship Justly DTS is a traditional DTS with two specific emphasis.  One of those emphasis is worship.  Worship is our natural response as we get to know our Creator.  Although worship is much more than music, we do see throughout Scripture the use of song as a form of responding to the goodness of God.  During the Worship Justly DTS we will spend time in worship with local worship pastors as well as YWAM Boise staff.  These worship times may be planned or totally spontaneous.  They may be in our prayer room or on top of a mountain.  Regardless of when or how, students and staff will learn together what it looks like to live out a lifestyle of worship.

Refugee Emphasis

The Worship Justly DTS is a traditional DTS with two specific emphasis.  One of those emphasis is Refugee Ministry.  With over 65 million displaced people in the world today, we are witnessing the greatest refugee crisis that our generation has ever seen.  Our past DTS students have gone to Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Austria and more working with refugees from all over the world.  Boise is also a host city for refugees where our students and staff get to share Jesus with many people who have never heard.  This may be the greatest refugee crisis we have ever seen but we believe it’s the greatest opportunity for the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus to people who have not yet met Him.

Boise, ID

We think this city is pretty cool.  Located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and in the heart of the Treasure Valley, Boise, Idaho has been labeled one of the top cities to move to in the US.  Because Boise is a host city for refugees coming from around the world, YWAM Boise was established to reach the Nations showing up right next door.  With great hiking, snowboarding, fishing and lots of coffee just minutes away, we think you’ll love it here too!

What is DTS?


The DTS majors on the two elements of YWAM’s motto: “To Know God and to Make Him Known”.  During the first three months called the “Lecture Phase”, you will be discipled with other students who are also passionately seeking God’s heart.  Our teachers come from dynamic, national and international ministries to share biblical truths that will help you to know God at a deeper level.

Weekly you will experience time alone with God, powerful intercession and worship times, classroom instruction, small group interaction, one-on-one discipleship, cultural training, outreach to nearby refugee communities, fellowship with speakers, staff and other students, and free time to rest, play, and process all that God is doing in your life!


After the Lecture Phase you will enter the second half of the Discipleship Training School called the “Outreach Phase”.  The Outreach Phase is 2-3 months long and provides an opportunity for you to apply what you learned in the classroom through an intensive, hands-on, cross-cultural mission experience.

On your outreach you will be exposed to a wide variety of mission work. You will minister to refugees and the guy sitting next to you on the airplane.  You will disciple new believers, pray for the sick and needy, and share the Gospel in public and private settings.  You will get to see some of the most beautiful places in the world and at the same time some of the most broken people.  You will be forever “ruined for the ordinary“.

Some questions we often get are: 

  • How much does it cost?  The total cost for the Training and Outreach Phase is $6,200.  This includes all training, lodging, food, outreach airfare, ministry supplies and more!
  • When does the next DTS start?  The next Worship Justly DTS begins January 8, 2018.
  • How old do I have to be?  In most cases, graduation of high school is required.
  • Where do you go on outreach?  In the past few years we have sent teams to Cyprus, Greece, Germany and Austria but are constantly praying about where our teams will go.
  • What is housing like?  Students live in a guys and girls Duplex on our YWAM campus.
  • More questions?  Email us at boise@ywamidaho.org

Questions about the DTS?

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