Worship Justly DTS

Worship Justly DTS

Lecture Phase

Roughly 1,000 refugees a year come from their war-torn, oppressive countries to Idaho.  They come from Iraq, the Congo, Bhutan, Afghanistan and more.  Their stories are often hard to hear.  But we are here to listen.

Many of the refugees come from nations that are very restrictive toward the Gospel of Jesus.  However, here in Boise we have the amazing opportunity to get know these beautiful people and share with them the greatest Truth of all.  We partner with local agencies and ministries to provide both practical  and spiritual needs.  You will often find us at different apartment complexes playing soccer, coloring and reading with children, bringing welcome gifts and simply just listening to their stories.

During your DTS you will be a part of amazing community, learn from incredible teachers but you will also “adopt” refugee families and individuals that you will meet with weekly.  Often those times will include food.  Not just any food, but an authentic meal from your families home country.

You may be the first person this family meets when they arrive in the US and they will certainly never forget you.  It’s a great privilege that we have to minister to people from all over the world right here in Boise!


Travel with purpose!

Our outreach teams will be going to Europe and Asia to work with the greatest refugee crisis in our generation as well as the injustice of human trafficking that is also prevalent there.  Your team will spend 2-3 months on location where you’ll connect with full-time local ministries and churches.  Not only will you have a great impact on those you are serving, we are confident that God will continue to do a work in your heart and open your eyes to what He is doing around the world.

Your team will serve hard but will also have down time to rest, relax and enjoy living in a different culture where you’ll make life-long friends and eat some of the best food in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next school?

January 8 – June 5 2018

How much does it cost?

Lecture: $3,200 Outreach: approximately $3,000

These costs include everything except that silly little knick-knack you buy on outreach and your late night Sonic milk-shake run. Yes, outreach airfare included too.

Where do you stay?

The YWAM Boise base is just minutes from downtown. Student housing is a duplex right next to our classroom/worship center/lunch room.

Where do you go on outreach?

We are pursuing and praying through options in both Europe and Asia to work with the thousands of refugees fleeing North Africa and the Middle East. These are strategic areas at the heart of the refugee crisis.

Can I talk to someone about the Boise DTS?

YES! One of our staff would love to chat with you. Click on the Facebook messenger icon on the right, or click here and fill out the contact form.

Our Focus


The Worship Justly Discipleship Training School (DTS) will focus on the worship of our King. That comes in a multitude of ways. Throughout the 5-month Boise DTS you may find yourself worshiping through music or art. You may find yourself worshiping as you explore the nearby mountains. But we want to encourage you to join us in worshiping by adopting refugee families that arrive in Boise and working with anti-human trafficking ministries in the Valley.

The Worship Justly DTS is a school that will ruin you for the ordinary. It consists of a 3-month “Lecture” Phase where you will have weekly teachers on foundational discipleship topics such as, Father Heart of God, Relationships, Bible Study, and many more. There are also weekly outreaches to participate in while living in Boise.

Following the “Lecture” Phase is the 2-month long “Outreach” Phase. During this time you will get to both travel the world and be a part of the work God is doing there. Our desire is that ALL people have the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Outreach phase

Behind the ruins of the beautiful country-sides of Cyprus and Greece lie thousands of lives that have fled war-torn nations in search of hope.  Most have found loneliness and despair.

We prayerfully pursued these nations as our outreach location for the Worship Justly DTS 2018 because of the strategic placement in what has been called the “worst refugee crisis since WWII”.  Although we want to minister to all people in need, we feel that God wanted us to be more specific.  That is why both here in Boise and overseas our hope is to minister to people from nations that have very little access to the Gospel (like Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa).

Our teams have recently departed on outreach and have already met countless people who need God’s love. Some of the ways they are serving now is through serving coffee and tea to refugees as well as visiting refugee camps and teaching English.


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