A Prophetic WISE School Story

A Prophetic WISE School story… We were out walking on the beach when we spotted a woman standing alone looking out at the ocean with long black hair and a beautiful face. She looked like she was in her forties and it was easy to notice that she was thinking deeply. I...

Refugee Ministry

Over 7,000 miles away sets a small, mountainous country near the Himalayas in Asia.  Bhutan is a world away but now is also right in our backyard.  Boise, Idaho is a host city for refugees and has been for many years.  For the past ten years, refugees fleeing Bhutan...

Boise DTS Outreach Reveal Party!

Our Boise DTS is at the end of our 5th week of the Lecture Phase.  The students have all known that our outreach options have been either Greece or Cyprus to work with refugees, but they didn't know which country they were going to. As our staff prayed over our...

The Great Need

It often takes a picture like this (photo credit to the AP) to remind us of life outside of what we know.  In Boise we don't see this.  We are a host city for refugees but there are not bodies washing up on the banks of our rivers.  We hear stories of the trauma our...

Boise DTS Week 2 Update

Week 2 of our inaugural DTS is almost complete!   Our first week was a lot of orientation and getting to know each other as well as hearing from ministries like World Relief and Glocal.  We also had an amazing teaching on Biblical Worship.  It was a freeing week of...

First Boise DTS

Eleven years ago when YWAM Idaho was founded, it took on the official name, YWAM Idaho Boise-Cascade.  Now, for the first time, a DTS is running out of the YWAM Boise location.  On January 2nd, students and staff from all over Idaho, the USA and from around the world...


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