On a recent trip to North India, with the Himalaya Mountains as a backdrop, I saw the above sign on the side of a road outside of a small village. It’s obviously designed to recruit young men and women to serve in the Indian Army. Now; joining the Indian Army (or any army for that matter) is most definitely one way for a young person to live a less ordinary life. Especially in light of the recent political tensions between India and Pakistan. In India, like here in the United States, veterans (I’m a veteran of the U.S. Navy) and active duty military personnel are (for the most part) honored and respected for their service and receive some very good benefits as well. So for many people, this is an attractive option.

What about you? If living a life less ordinary is something that appeals to you, there is another way. Will you consider responding in the affirmative to Christ’s Great Commission and serving in His army? No matter what your age is. I mean; being the first man or woman to bring the Gospel to an unreached people group would truly be extraordinary! As a member of His elite force of workers, opportunities around the globe abound. Living a life less ordinary? How about living and working near the highest and most rugged mountains in the world, in and around the Sahara Desert, in major cities of the world (3.5 million souls in Casa Blanca Morocco to 30 million in Chongqing China and everywhere in between), small towns, remote villages, in “the bush”, on tiny remote islands in the South Pacific, near the ocean or in the Amazon Jungle. Unfortunately, there are still many unreached people groups living in or around all of the areas I’ve listed above.

Each one of us has a different definition of what an ‘ordinary life’ is and conversely what living a life less ordinary would look like. But I believe there are at least a couple of things we can all agree on; first – responding in obedience to Christ’s Great Commission (whatever role each of us plays) will have an impact on eternity. People’s lives will be affected by your obedience and HIS kingdom will be expanded. And another thing I’m sure we can all agree on is; Jesus is most definitely worthy! In my 20 years as a full-time missionary, a member of His elite force of workers, obedience to the King has taken us; to the Sahara desert in search of an unreached nomadic tribe, to a small village way up in the Himalayan Mountains to share the Good News among the Sherpa people and many other unique places. We’ve lived in Europe and in the mountains of North Africa. Jesus opened a door for us to help transport a 96’ Gospel ship from Boston Massachusetts to French Polynesia that required a three-month ocean voyage. On that voyage we traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, went through the Panama Canal and then crossed the Pacific to the Island of Tahiti. There we were required to check-in to French immigration before beginning outer-island ministry. Ordinary? Not for us!

What is your burn? May I gently encourage you to take time to pray right now (if at all possible) – and say yes to God. After all; our King did command us to go[1]! He said; “you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth.”[2] When we echo the words of the prophet of old; “here I am Lord, send me..”[3] the ‘ordinary’ (whatever that is for you) may fade into a distant, dust-covered memory and a whole new world of possibilities will immediately be open before you.

Live a life less ordinary? Yes, Lord.

[1]Matthew 28:19
[2]Acts 1:8
[3]Isaiah 6:8