March Madness refers to the excitement of the final few weeks of the college basketball tournament in the United States that features many major schools. It is called madness simply because there are so many games going on throughout the country, usually during the same time, in rapid succession during the month of March. Teams that win shouldn’t be too quick to celebrate, because one loss means the end of the season. The NCAA basketball tournament is a single elimination event.

I am not a hardcore college basketball fan, but I have enjoyed the tournament over the years. This year I would like to borrow that famous phrase (March Madness) and apply it to the Great Commission.

The Great Commission?

Yes. More than 2000 years ago our King Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19 to Go and make disciples of all ethnos (nations), baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all that he has commanded us. Those are pretty clear marching orders. And here we are in March of 2019 and there are currently (approximately) 3.2 billion unreached people in the world. An unreached person is unsaved (obviously) and, in too many cases, does not have access to the Gospel. They have no access because there are no missionaries around to share with them. To me, that qualifies to be called ‘madness’. And it gets worse or even more ‘mad’. 90% of those unreached people live in a region of the world known as the 10-40 Window* and only about 10% of all Christian missionaries live and work there! That is absolute March Madness!

If you are a college basketball fan, I hope you enjoy this year’s tournament. And while you are watching will you consider what part you will play in completing the Great Commission. For the glory of God.

I love this quote by John Piper; “Regarding the Great Commission, you have 3 options; go, send or disobey.” Will you consider being involved in sending a missionary to the unreached? Perhaps you will be willing to go yourself. If enough of us respond to Jesus’ Words; together we can end the madness.