syrian-refugeeGreece & Cyprus Update #4

I think the biggest difficulty in summarizing the past few weeks is the struggle of putting in to words what we have seen and heard.  It is one thing to see it on the news or read about the refugee crisis and something totally different experiencing it first hand.

One thing that has been blatantly obvious this past week is that Muslim refugees have never been more open to the Gospel of Jesus.  They have seen what religion has done and how it has robbed them of life.  They want to know Jesus and his message of love and hope for them.  It is not like what you read on Facebook or watch on TV.  These beautiful people are fleeing for their lives, living without food or shelter using city shrubs as their outhouse.  They not only need Jesus but are eagerly waiting for someone to tell them about Him.

Our Greece and Cyprus teams fly back to Boise on the 19th of May.  As we return we will carry stories on our hearts that we will not soon forget.  Some of those include stories of men and women we have met at refugee camps and immigration prisons.  We have met people sold in to slavery but rescued by Jesus.  We have IMG_5534seen families reunited but have also seen them torn apart.  We have spent nights in the hospital with new refugee friends.  We have been awoken by earthquakes and maybe even more frustrating, mosquitos.  We have wept with men and women because that’s all we could do.  We have prayed…and prayed…and prayed.

One thing our teams have learned is summed up in this great quote, “Now that I have seen, I am responsible.  Faith without deeds is dead (Brooke Fraser).”  We may be returning home but outreach will never be over.

Thank you for sending us out and for praying for our teams.  Please help us raise up more workers to go out in to the ripe harvest field.  Our next DTS is a refugee focused DTS and we would love to see it full!