Our teams have  now been here in Greece and Cyprus for about a month.  Here’s a short update on what’s been going on!


Our Greece team left Athens with heavy hearts.  They made many new friends from all over the world and saw refugees from closed nations give their hearts to Jesus but the shear number of people still there is painful to think about.  Our team is praying about how we have a more full-time presence where the need is so great.  This would include learning new languages and leaving home for longer periods of time but we know the cost is worth it all.

This past week our Greece time volunteered at a camp to support the Hellenistic Ministry of Greece which serves in Athens at the heart of the refugee crisis.  Although our team hated to leave their refugee friends, it was a great ministry to those that live there full time.  The team now travels to Corinth where they continue working with refugees and those on the street.  Please continue to pray for them!


Our Cyprus Team had some incredible ministry the past week that is too sensitive to share online, but youIMG_5060 will certainly here about it on our return.  Our team continues teaching English, helping with food and clothing distribution and kids ministry.  We also have the privilege to spend two days at the refugee camp and prison for asylum seekers each week.  It’s so extremely difficult to understand the lives some people have had to live but we are encouraged to continually see how God pursues them.

Besides being involved in the refugee ministry here in Larnaca, our team has traveled to Northern Cyprus which is the Turkish part of the island.  It’s also 99.5% Muslim.  During our time there, we have found people to be very open to the Gospel.  Please pray that the seeds sown will grow in to lives following Jesus.

Thank you so much for praying for our teams.  Again, one way you can help is to pray for more workers! Our next DTS is January 2017 and will again have a refugee focus.