A Prophetic WISE School story…

We were out walking on the beach when we spotted a woman standing alone looking out at the ocean with long black hair and a beautiful face. She looked like she was in her forties and it was easy to notice that she was thinking deeply. I felt the Spirit of God draw us to her and so we qufree prayersietly approached her. As we approached my 2 teammates began to pray quietly under their breath. I’ve never been a natural to street evangelism and talking with a total stranger has always been a challenge for an introvert like me, but I knew the Spirit of God was leading me to her. We began to talk in Spanish and I introduced myself and my friends. Her name was Rosa. She asked me what we were doing in Chile and if we were tourists or surfers. I explained to her how we were in Chile to learn about the culture and people of Chile and to share the love of God. She shared some about her family’s Catholic roots and their heritage of religion, but made it clear she had never really had much interest in God.

After talking for about 5 minutes I asked her if she had any special needs and if we could pray for her. She said yes that we could pray for her but didn’t open up about anything in her life. As we began to pray and thank God for Rosa’s life I prayed a simple prayer of love and blessing. Immediately I began to hear God speak to me about some great difficulties and troubles that were happening in her family. God showed me there was strife and quarreling and that it was tearing her family apart. He told me to reassure Rosa that everything was going to be okay. And He said to tell her that He loved her and was pursuing a relationship with her. In that moment as God was speaking I knew I had a decision to make. I could risk looking like a fool and saying things that were possibly not true and embarrass myself and my team in front of Rosa, or I could step out in faith trusting that I hear the Holy Spirit and in obedient love say what I felt He was saying.

So I did it. I stepped out and risked my reputation and that of my team and shared with Rosa all I felt God was saying. As I shared her face was unmoving. There was no reaction of tears or emotion or any or clue that maybe God was reaching into the secrets of her heart. But when I finished she looked at me and said, “Are you a witch? How did you know that? Who told you what is going on in my family?” I laughed in astonishment as I looked into her sincere eyes. At that moment I was able to lovingly explain how we were worshippers of Jesus Christ and followers of the Most High God. I let her know that the Holy Spirit revealed to me the things I said. And I told her, “God loves you. He is pursuing you and He wants a relationship with you.” She smiled back at me and said, “Yes I know. I just don’t understand how you know.”

We talked for several more minutes and then left. Rosa did not pray the sinner’s prayer that day. There was no big moment of decision. But we all knew she had encountered God that day. And that through our simple obedience and faith she knew God was alive and active and interested in her life.

The simplicity of prophetic evangelism is that as believers we can all learn to hear God and be used by Him to reach out and love a world full of hurting and struggling people. It’s not really about our own gifting or strengths but about His love for people and our obedience to just say yes to Him. And it’s about learning to walk in a level of intimacy with Him that you carry His presence and His heart wherever you go. The Prophetic WISE School is all about learning to reach people like Rosa.

Our next WISE School begins this September in Boise, Idaho!