Over 7,000 miles away sets a small, mountainous country near the Himalayas in Asia.  Bhutan is a world away but now is also right in our backyard.  Boise, Idaho is a host city for refugees and has been for many years.  For the past ten years, refugees fleeing Bhutan in to Nepal have resettled right here, in Boise.  One of the main reasons we started YWAM in Boise is to have a refugee ministry that has a Kingdom focus.  It’s our heart to serve refugees in all practical ways possible but also to serve their spiritual needs as well.  One way we are able to do that is open up our doors to our Bhutanese and Nepali friends to use our facility as a home for their church.  These beautiful people have become our dear friends and have taught us so much about faith, love and family.  To find out more about refugee ministry in Boise, check us out HERE.

Here’s a quick glimpse in to one of their recent church services.