Boise, Idaho

Why Boise?  

“Once the gateway to remote mining camps, Idaho’s capital has become a techy boomtown with a thriving cultural scene” (Time Magazine).    

  • #1 Red Hot Town (TIME)
  • #2 Best City to Move to in 2015 (SML)
  • #1 City Where the Jobs will be this Spring (Forbes)
  • #1 Under-the-radar Destination of 2015 (Huffington Post)
  • #3 Best River Town in America (Outside Magazine)

Now those are all great reasons to visit Boise but we still think the #1 reason is because of the work God is doing here and how He wants to include YOU!  Come check it out!


Worship is more than a good song on Sunday morning.  Feeding the poor.  Welcoming the refugees.  Taking care of the orphan.  This is worshipping justly.

The Worship Justly DTS at YWAM Boise is a 5-month school that will ruin you for the ordinary. It consists of a 3-month “Lecture” Phase where you will have weekly teachers on foundational, discipleship topics.  During this 3-month period you will also join us as we minister to the thousands of refugees in Boise as well as the growing street population.  It’s one way that we Worship Justly!

Following the “Lecture” Phase is the 2-month long “Outreach” Phase.  During this time you will get to both travel the world and be a part of the work God is doing there.  Our desire is that ALL people have the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!

We are pursuing outreach locations in the Mediterranean but we at YWAM Boise are still praying about the location of the outreaches for the Worship Justly DTS.  Click HERE to find out more about the DTS.

calebworshipping copy

WISE School

The WISE School is a three month secondary YWAM school that equips God’s people through in-depth teaching and practical application in WORSHIP, INTERCESSION, SPIRITUAL WARFARE and EVANGELISM, all with a prophetic edge.

By gaining an understanding of the W.I.S.E. elements and making them a lifestyle, God’s presence and power can be released and experienced here on earth! Students will learn to enter into His presence and carry it with them in any situation or circumstance.

Idaho: A land of adventure!

Boise is unique as it is described as the “most remote, urban area in the Lower 48” (Smithsonian).  In other words, we have an incredible opportunity for ministry in the city but we also have an amazing playground in our backyard.  Whether it’s surfing a river, rafting some whitewater, hitting the slopes or exploring the mountains, it is all right here in our neighborhood!

During the Lecture Phase you will have time get out of the city, if you so choose, to play, rest and explore.  It’s an important balance for us.  It is also an act of worship as we encounter God in His Creation!

If you’re joining us for our Worship Justly DTS in January you may just want to pack your skis or snowboard!