A bag full of keys…

A bag full of keys…

March 15, 2017

This was a special day here at our YWAM Idaho, Boise Campus.  It was the day we picked up a bag of keys for our new building.  We took this bag of keys and dumped them on the sidewalk in front of our staff and students and with great joy IMG_1288searched for their matching door.  God had done it again.  The impossible made possible.

December 19, 2016

Our YWAM Boise team was presented with an incredible opportunity.  There was this building…we drove past it every day.  The “for sale” sign out front teased us in a way.  The location was perfect, only a few blocks away from our current location, but the price was beyond what we thought possible.  And then we prayed…

Once we prayed, everything changed.  We really felt God was telling us that this building had a specific “Kingdom” purpose and that we had a part in it.  Our team believed we heard from the LORD.  Go for it!  And go for it we did.

January 3, 2017

Our YWAM Idaho board presented an offer on the building that was accepted by the seller.  We had settled on a price that we believed was an incredible deal.  But honestly, who can put a price on a building that God says has a specific Kingdom purpose?  IMG_1111

Our team had roughly 90 days to come up with the deposit of $74,000.  It is a bit hard to explain, but there was comfort knowing this was impossible by our own means.  God would have make this happen.

And He did!

First $50 came in…and then $33…and then $1,000.  Little by little we were getting closer.  With on week left, we still needed $28,000.  That Monday morning our staff and students met together for worship and intercession.  We felt God reminding us to celebrate not only the gifts He has given, but the gifts He was still going to give.  At that moment, we were again covered by His great peace.  We flashed every donation across the TV and celebrated every penny.  Then we celebrated the remaining gifts yet to come.  Two days later, every penny of the $74,000 had come in.

And we celebrated again!

We are honored to have a permanent building here in Boise.  Our battle cry at YWAM Boise is, “Impact the city, transform the Nation’s“.  We believe this new building will only increase the impact we have for the Kingdom of God on our city.

Thank you for praying.  Thank you for giving.

The Building – 4202 Emerald Street/805 North Roosevelt Street

The building is comprised of two main structures. The first is the “office” building. This would become the new DTS classroom, 24-hour prayer room, YWAM Boise office, Refugee Welcome Café and English classroom. The second structure is the six-bedroom home that would become student and staff housing as well as potential refugee Welcome Housing.  We will work on remodeling the Emerald Street side of the building this spring and summer and will update you through that process.  


The Incredibly Strategic Location

If we were to compile a list of dreams and wants in a facility it would be hard to do better than this.

  • It is located at a popular bus stop where it is easy for our refugee friends without a vehicle to access.
  • The space! We can currently house 12 students but this will allow us to house more than double that number. It will also increase our classroom space and establish an outreach center (café), which has been on the hearts of many in our city.
  • Proximity to our current facility! This new location is only 4 blocks, walking distance, from our current location. This will allow us to continue to use our current housing alongside this new property. It would be hard to dream up a better location than this.







Matt Keller