YWAM Idaho Staff

Cascade Staff


Marty & Kelly Meyer – Idaho

Marty and Kelly are the founders of YWAM Idaho.  Kelly is passionate about our family and enjoys homeschooling our two teenagers.  She loves her vintage camper and all things turquoise and antique.  Marty serves as the director of YWAM Idaho. He loves outdoor adventures and is passionate about mobilizing young people to complete the great commission.

2014 Cmas photo

Steve & Lesley Herzog – Seattle, WA

The Herzog’s have been with YWAM Idaho since 2010.  They staff our Bible School for the Nations and enjoy hosting speakers and guests in their hospitality apartment. Lesley heads up accounting for the base and Steve helps out with facilities maintenance and construction. Lesley and Steve have a special compassion for those dealing with emotional and mental challenges. They feel called to invest time discipling high school students, the incarcerated, and their families.


Jonny and Amy – N Carolina/California

Jonny and Amy lead the Backpackers DTS, and they get excited about Jesus, discipleship, backpacking, discount gear, and board games. Their relationship first began when Jonny asked Amy out while on top of the Walls of Mordor at sunrise. They have a dream of owning a pair of pack goats named Garrison and Harrison, and they want you to come live in community with them in their big house.

Shaun & Monica Peterson – Minnesota

Picture and info coming soon!


Andy & Kathy – New York

More info to come soon!

Boise Staff


Sam and Beth – Oregon/England

Sam and Beth love Jesus, the outdoors, baking, roadtrips, the discipleship process, and being a part of the YWAM Idaho family.  Sam and Beth are the YWAM Idaho Directors of Schools.


Kate Black – Boise, ID

Kate loves Jesus and loves coffee!  She did her DTS in Ireland which is why she loves the color green so much.  She enjoys working out with friends, reading, horseback riding and Yahtzee!  Kate started the coffee shop at her local church in Boise and is an avid member of the quilting club there as well. Oh, and she is really excited to meet you!


Marci – Nassau, Bahamas (volunteer)

Marci loves Jesus, warm weather and books.  She loves swimming with dolphins, eating Thai food and counting by 3.  She’s a big fan of jousting and practices regularly.  She won the Jr. Jousting Championship for the Caribbean in 2009.  Marci loves connecting with people and one of her hobbies is playing Connect 4 with people she has just met.


Colton Moffis – Oregon 

Colton was a part of the first DTS in Boise, Idaho.  He comes from a little town in Oregon known for it’s amazing onion rings!  Colton loves soft serve ice cream, rummage sales and rodeos!


Tim & Eliza (Boise & Australia) 

Tim and Eliza joined YWAM Boise this year after a whirlwind of traveling the world serving those in need.  Their beautiful daughter keeps them both in tip-top shape!  Tim loves his instrument collection, swing dancing and Willie Nelson.  Eliza grew up with a pet kangaroo named Hoppy but now finds herself filling her time trimming her husbands beard.


Rachael Joy – Montana

Rachael joined us this year from a small town at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  She’s a temporarily “retired” teacher with a passion to see young people fully alive.  She loves artistic writing, hip-hop and bears!


Taylor Delbridge – Oregon 

Taylor joins us here in Boise from out west.  She keeps our staff looking good as she went to school to be a hair stylist.  Taylor loves long walks on the beach, moonlit nights and beards.


Kevin Wood – Oregon

Kevin holds the “tallest Boise staff member” title but that’s not all he’s got.  Kevin is a big Disney movie fan and sometimes  you’ll catch him in costume as he walks the streets of Boise.  Kevin loves connecting to the many new Americans that call Boise home and would love to bring you along!


Felicia (and Autumn) – Boise

Felicia and Autumn joined YWAM Boise in 2015 after their DTS.  Felicia drives a mini van and is proud of it.  She is an amazing mother and mentor to many people in our community.  Oh…and she also loves bowling!


Matt & Heidi Keller  – Minnesota

Matt & Heidi (and family) moved to Boise in 2015 to start YWAM Boise.  They are super excited to connect to the many new refugee families that call Boise home.  They love spending time with their 3 boys and opening their home to staff, students and whoever else will put up with them!

Satellite Staff

Family pic 2

Hilary & Michele (Idaho Falls, ID)

Hilary and Michele have been serving with YWAM since 2001.  They joined YWAM Idaho in 2015 after spending 14 years in Ukraine.  They love serving Jesus, loving on people, camping and drinking great coffee.  The simultaneous combination of more than two of these things is often referred to as Heaven on earth.  They have a gift for hospitality, a heart for the Jewish people and a desire to see young people everywhere understand their purpose and calling in life.  They are currently living in Idaho Falls with two awesome teens and 7 chickens.